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Time Expansion

Imagine someone has a problem they'd need a month to really think about, but taking so much time away from the duties of life seems impossible.

What if this person found a way to expand time instead?

Impossible! Right?

Meditation does this. When mental chatter stops, time expands, and solutions come naturally without being "thought" about. When we are still, we access a greater intelligence than the mind.

Years ago, I was meditating during my lunch break in a fifth floor office with a great sky view to the south. A strong, northerly wind was pushing white wispy clouds swiftly past my view from right to left.

When the timer went off, I opened my eyes and noticed the clouds were paused. As my awarenesss returned from the meditative state, the clouds started moving slowly, then more quickly until they returned to the same brisk speed they had before.

The wind never slowed, and the clouds kept trucking the entire time. The only thing that changed was me.

Time expands during meditation.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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Catherine Norton
Catherine Norton
Jan 18, 2023

When you need more than a one hour break - meditate!


Jan 18, 2023

That's amazing!!!

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