Personal Transformation Coaching

  • Do you feel weighed down by heavy thoughts, memories, feelings or obligations that make you feel sluggish or stuck?

  • Are you ready to release old burdens and increase energetic flow in your life?

Tending The Sacred Spring

Imagine a pure water source that has accumulated debris over the years, reducing the flow to a trickle…


Life has blessed me with many gifts, and coaching is one of my finest. I am inspired to offer a one-month program to a limited number of people who desire rapid transformational change. This work is based on a vision of tending the sacred spring within us, clearing obstructions, and returning to an energetic life flow.

I trained and worked as a doctoral-level psychotherapist at Syracuse University and have enjoyed a long career in service to others. My resume is on LinkedIn. Although personal transformation coaching may boost many aspects of life, it is not mental health focused and requires an earnest commitment to developing an individually tailored, sustainable mindfulness practice.

This work will build upon, not replace, any current spiritual, cultural, or religious traditions already in place. We will honor, integrate the past with utmost respect. All faiths welcome!

The introductory rate for the one-month program is $997. This includes four one-hour individual in-person or video sessions, with text support and check-ins during the week. For those who prefer to try a sample first, there is a single session option for $333, which may then be applied to the one-month program if desired.

Are you ready for change?​