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Anywhere Else

There are those who commit to living a mindful life in the here and now and those who would rather be anywhere else.

The present moment is the only place we have the power to do anything in, like genuinely connect with another human being.

Is that a terrifying prospect?

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Catherine Norton
Catherine Norton
Jul 18, 2023

We honor ourselves by being in the moment, sitting with unpleasant emotions, using boredom and restlessness as guides to seek new opportunities. A lot of people tune out with distractions to bypass the moment - binging tv shows, eating, social media, using drugs, alcohol or sex. This is a trap that keeps us there.

Does life totally stink at the moment? Ok! This is good information. Let's start planning something new to shake off that funk.

The funk isn't the problem. Staying in it is.


Jul 18, 2023

sounds good, but what if the present moment really hurts, or worse?

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