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A Friendly Wave

Say we have a crush on someone who drives a red car. It's likely we will start to see red cars everywhere - is that our crush? Omg!

Now imagine we have an expired registration and something illegal in the back seat. Aren't we going to start noticing police cars?

I could extol the virtues of avoiding legal entanglements, but I will not. Be as bad as you want to be.

Simply consider this: What we look for sees us too. This is not just an energetic thing - slight changes in our behavior can have huge impacts "out there."

Perhaps we get a friendly wave from a red car driver who notices our smile. Isn't that better than seeing police lights come on in the rear view mirror?

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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1 Comment

Feb 22

This is a real good one! Something to mull over....

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