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We Know

The world is full of people eager to give advice and tell others what to do. Why they feel compelled to do this is not as much of a concern as our reaction.

We can claim power over our lives and decisions by politely listening and thanking them for their thoughts. Perhaps we might even say we'll consider it. Then, of course, we do whatever we feel is best.

Even the person with the worst advice has something valuable to share because whatever they say may point us in the opposite direction. Don't react even if the advice was unsolicited or seemed rude. Be curious and ask yourself - is that advice really meant for themselves?

I call this the "Busy Body Game," an observation that has amused me immensely through the years. I give myself a point every time I spot it. The ability to find humor in oppressive situations is highly adaptive.

In our hearts, we already know what is right for our journey. Sometimes the path is easier to see once we receive terrible advice. That is something to truly be grateful for.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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