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Videoblog - Facebook Jail Sessions #15

Cassandra receives a handwritten note, "I want you. Come at midnight."

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Catherine Norton
Catherine Norton
30 nov 2021

Tech note: My previous webcam had a Great Pyrenees related mishap... Mishka got tangled in the wire and took it for a good yank across the room. That may have been the reason for the audio glitches on the previous sessions. My friend Peter advised buying an external microphone but when I got to the store today, I couldn't find the inexpensive model I'd chosen and thought, gee if I am going to spend $60 on a microphone, why not just get a new webcam? So I did. There was a Black Friday sale so I got a top of the line model. No more audio glitches, but now it sounds like I am in a submarine. I will probably…

Me gusta
01 dic 2021
Contestando a

It's fun to see the process, and watch you get better and better! Tech stuff happens. Cute dog though!

Me gusta
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