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Travel With Intention

When we really want something, we take time to plan. The more we want it and the longer we prepare, the richer the experience will be. Travel is an excellent example. When we jump on a plane and go somewhere without intention, we land on the ground like tourists - ignorant of the local culture, language, and customs. The people do not feel honored or respected by our presence because we aren't interested in them. We are there to enjoy their weather or see local areas of interest. Many opportunities for human connectedness and understanding are a lost in this kind of disconnect.

In Russia, there is a tradition to sit quietly for a moment before leaving home to mentally/spiritually prepare for a trip. Some say this tradition originates from a superstition about bringing bad luck with you, but taking a few moments to contemplate the journey before departing actually makes a lot of sense.

Ask: Where would I like to go? What is my intention for this journey? How can I prepare?


Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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