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The Love Trap (A Poem)

There is a ghost in my bed, I know.

I can feel the press of a person against my back

As sure as


Warms a mountain chain out west after a clear cold night

The weight of an arm tossed casually over me,

As I am caught, like a bear, in a

Love trap

Cool air teases my skin in anticipation as my hair is lifted

aside for

Plump kisses

On the back

of my neck

A firm hand on my hip pulls me backward, tighter, into the

Love spoon

The whispered words, "I love you, so, so much"

Hang in the air like specks of dust surfing a


And the bloom of feeling

Love and being loved

Unfolds like a rose made of

Diamond butterflies

Only for a moment.

Because I remember.

I clench my eyes shut.

The ghost dissolves as I wake to

Another new day


Catherine Ivers Norton

March 19, 2016

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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