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Sinners & Saints

Do you suppose anyone was born a Saint, in that they lived a perfect life from start to finish?

I know humans who have made grave mistakes, learned from them, and became more loving, kind, caring, and giving people. Those who start off in the darkest places actually have the most potential for growth. This is the inspiration for some of the characters in The Stain.

I imagine life is about starting off as a selfish jackass, screwing up royally, becoming aware of the needs of others, regretting our actions, trying to make things right, and striving to do better. Why do we do this? Because having positive relationships requires thoughtful consideration of the needs of others. Good relationships are at the center of supportive communities.

The goal of life isn’t about hiding away from everyone else in a monk’s cell to be "perfect." It’s learning how to overcome our selfish desires amid turmoil and temptation to do Good for others. That’s within everyone’s reach. We don’t need to be Saints to make a difference.

All it takes is an effort to do a little better every day.

What do you think?

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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1 Comment

Dec 19, 2021

What about the people who are called to be monks? for some it's the right thing I think. Part of me wants go do that, truth be told. I'm sure I wound't be perfect there either.... "dang these floors are cold, my socks itch", yadda yadda....

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