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What triggers a sudden awareness that you are on track in your life? Is there an event that suggests a passed-on loved one is nearby? A sign that the time is right to act? Perhaps you see one thing that means Yes and another that means No. Focusing awareness outside ourselves and noticing details in our environments is a grounding mindfulness practice.

My friend Ravi Walsh "tracks" daily occurrences. Say a squirrel catches his eye on a walk one afternoon. He looks up the symbolic meaning of the squirrel to see what message that animal has for him that day. He teaches this practice as a way of opening up to our own inner knowledge and intuitive processes to find richer meanings in life.

I frequently see hearts in random places and feel joy. I see sky Xs and laugh because they mean Yes to whatever question I have rumbling around in my head. When I see cardinals, catch the scent of lilies or find a feather in a strange place, I think of my mother, who passed years ago.

What signs do you look for? How do you "know" what they mean?

Photography by Catherine Ivers Norton.

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