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Have you ever felt you were forgetting something really important?

I suspect we are born with a purpose, a reason why we are here, right now, in this lifetime. The farther we stray from that original mission, the unhappier we become. We are constantly being sabotaged with external messages telling us how to live or promise happiness but don't. Buy this, be better than others, reproduce, expand, eat more, no, that's too much - go on a diet, be sexy, buy a boat, go to college, marry rich and climb up the corporate ladder!

These distractions steer us away from our mission. Perhaps discontent is a gift that guides us back on course. Only when we align with our true purpose, do we experience lasting peace, joy, and happiness.

There must be more to life than buying a boat or getting into Harvard. What is it for you?

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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