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The urge to fill the open wound of a broken heart with a new romance may be adaptive for survival, but rebound relationships never seem to work out. Perhaps we don't love as deeply as we did the first time because we are afraid to be hurt again.

The heart needs time to heal.

We know we are ready to love again when we remember why we fell in love with the heartbreaker in the first place. We recall their smile, the sweet moments, all the things we absolutely adored about that first love. We acknowledge our hearts weren't wrong and we were right to love them. The story did not turn out the way we expected, but it was still worth it.

When sadness and anger pass, we find ourselves smiling as we remember our first love. Only then we can open our hearts fully to someone new, perhaps with less expectation and more curiosity, willing to risk it all once again.

Love is never a mistake.


Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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