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Humility is considered the act of hiding pride when we feel greater than others in this competitive world. "Be humble," they tell us after winning a game. Is this advice meant to spare the feelings of the losers? Or to stay focused on challenging ourselves to prepare for the next rival? Perhaps it is a reminder that everything in life is a competition, and no one has "won" anything yet.

In truth, humility is the halfway point between feeling more than or lesser than anyone else. In this perfectly balanced place, no comparisons to others need to be made at all. Here we find peace in being ourselves, with all our flaws and talents. We can simply be without acting at all. There is no competition.

I suppose friendly competition serves a purpose, but that urgent drive to feel better ourselves by being superior to or putting others down is toxic. This is learned behavior. We can change.

Is it possible to do our best, feel good about it, and encourage everyone else to do the same?

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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