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How's it Flowing?

We know we're in flow when we move from one thing to the next effortlessly, and the timing seems right. We may notice synchronicities, like running into a friend who tells us about a new opportunity right after a thought about being dissatisfied where we are. When I wake early and see 5:55 on my alarm clock, it's a flashing light to "take action now!" People interpret symbols differently, so 555 might mean something else or nothing at all. Intuition is a personal experience. That's why we need to get to know ourselves and discover our own meaningful signposts.

So what do we do when we feel stuck?

Look at this photo and imagine the mighty stream of water waiting behind the wooden barrier. Ask yourself, "What barriers do I construct?" Listen for an answer.

Sometimes we cling to what no longer works out of fear that being unsatisfied is better than nothing. Are we holding onto a vision of how things "should" be or anger over being wronged? The more hurt we are, the more we want to remember! And yet, staying in unhealthy emotions keeps us from moving on.

How clear is our purpose, and how closely are we aligned with it? Are we focusing on what matters less (e.g., making more money) and sacrificing peace and quality relationships? Or maybe we forget to leave the house, go to work and have life experiences for things to happen.

Fact: People swimming in social circles and actively pursuing their dreams experience more flow.

Get out there, tiger, make it happen!

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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