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Happy Thanksgiving America!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Ah, I have fond childhood memories of Thanksgiving meals with my big family. A Thursday off from school and a feast? Yes! Mom had a woven cornucopia basket on the table and I remember gazing it wondering where where the abundance of stuff within came from. When I learned about wormholes in space, I put the two together. Everything material is a gift from Spirit, by whatever name you call it. Jody Kessler used the term "Lord of the Universe" during kirtan this week. That fits well here.

Is it any surprise that my favorite symbol of the harvest feast made an appearance in my novel? Here is an excerpt from Chapter 15 of The Stain titled "Midnight Cornucopia." Cassandra has a surprise encounter with Slava Valkov in the Hall of Egyptian Antiquities at the Hermitage museum.

After we exchanged pleasantries, Slava and I toured the rest of the hall. He translated the placards of the more unusual pieces for me, and we discussed the dynasties of Ancient Egypt. I enjoyed the intellectual banter and interest we shared in the topic. I found it easy to be with him, viewing the exhibits side by side.

We paused before a black basalt statue of Cleopatra VII, one of the prized pieces in the collection. She was a magnificent, stately nude with a corkscrew wig. She held a cornucopia in her left hand. The concept of cornucopias as mystical portals that bring things from another dimension into this world intrigued me.

I remarked the symbol is also found in Greek and Roman mythology. Zeus was nourished from the ‘horn of plenty’ as a child hiding in a cave from his destructive father, Kronos. I then noted in America, cornucopias are a part of harvest celebrations and symbols of abundance.

Slava nodded and pointed to Cleopatra’s belly.

“Women, also,” he noted.

I never thought of that. Yes! The vagina even looks like a cornucopia through which children come from the ‘other side.’

Women are doorways into this world.

It was a compelling insight that struck a clear bell inside me.

I looked up at him with genuine appreciation.

This man had depth.

Photo courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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