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The Joy is in the Release

The material goods of this world deplete as we use them - once the cake is eaten or the money spent, there is no more.

So we learn to trade to get what we want. The one who gets more out of the deal "wins." Over time, winners tend to control everything, game systems in their favor and hoard more. And yet, no matter how much they have, there is never enough. Something is missing.

That is because there are two kinds of currency in this world. One is material, represented by money. The other is Love in all of its beautiful forms. Some call it light, spirit, or life energy.

This energy is abundant and free to all. Love increases as we allow it to flow freely through us. This is easier to do once we let go of our obsessions with being winners and losers in the material world game and realize how little we need to be happy.

Love is the only cake that grows bigger when shared with others. I've often wondered if this is the "manna" from heaven referred to in the bible - nourishment provided freely from a mysterious source.

Ten Minute Challenge: Go outside and look up at the sky. Feel the strength of the ground beneath your feet. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Imagine Love flowing into the top of your head from the sky above and up through your feet. Hold your hands open and receive more. Fill up completely. Then open your eyes and take a walk, secretly sending Love to everything and everyone you see, perhaps even more to the broken or ugly things. Feel the Love rushing in as you do this. Then, return to the place you started and take an inventory of how you feel.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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