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During an episode of the television show, Seinfeld, a man makes a insulting remark about the size of Elaine's head. At first, she laughs it off but then a series of events convince her that she actually does have a gigantic head.

Let's break this down. Elaine has a normal head until someone plants a seed of self-doubt. The seed grows into a belief. Then she has experiences that validate the belief. The seed has become fact. And yet, the size of her head is still normal.

This seems to be a case of psychological bullying that plays on the human weakness of self-consciousness. I suppose it's natural to have a fear that there is something wrong with us that we don't want anyone else to notice. That's why we act so weird during the puberty years.

So what should we do when someone presses this trigger?

Say,"Thank you!" Bullies never expect that.

I'm curious about a few things.

  1. What negative beliefs do you have about yourself that aren't grounded in reality? Where did they come from?

  2. Did Elaine "manifest" (i.e., create reality) or simply notice random events that validated the big head belief?

  3. If bullies can plant such powerful seeds of self doubt, imagine what seeds of hope, inspiration, encouragement and appreciation can do.

Unlike Elaine, I actually do have a gigantic head, which is why I've always admired the statues on Easter Island. I am quite proud of it. Thank you.

Thoughts and reflections welcome.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

Seinfeld Episode 10, Season 8, December 19, 1996.

Click here to see the episode highlights on YouTube

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