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Ah, the newly "woke" person. We all know one. You tell them your car broke down, rent went up, and you are having trouble making ends meet. They think an Om will magically fix your finances. Classic.

Let's review the steps of being helpful to someone else:

  1. Practice before you preach.

  2. Embody the calm wisdom of a sage in all you do.

  3. Listen patiently when someone shares a problem.

  4. Encourage them to keep speaking and create a safe, uninterrupted space to express their emotions. Nod a lot. Say nothing beyond "uh huh" and "go on."

  5. Of course, you have brilliant advice dying to come out. Do not share it!

  6. Ask, "Would you like my advice?"

  7. If they say no, say nothing.

Don't be a sagesplainer!


Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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