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Let Love Begin

Love requires openness, a willingness to take another chance. Hardened hearts are not open to new Love. First comes the surrender - not to the other person, as you might imagine, but sacrificing our fears, wounds, attachments, past disappointments, and hard-won independence. Only when we submit to the heart are we fully open, receptive, and ready to let Love begin.

Practice: Walk into a room. Look around. Notice who is looking back. Go say hello to that person.

If we aren’t looking or not willing to talk to someone we don’t know, we aren’t open.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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2 комментария

31 янв. 2022 г.

What a great tip to meeting someone! Another good one I heard from you is 'look up' Thanks for the teachings!


Catherine Norton
Catherine Norton
28 янв. 2022 г.

I think it's important to recognize that when we aren't ready, we aren't ready. It's a choice we make either consciously or unconsciously, but is still a choice. We aren't victims of fortune. We create our own opportunities.

When someone approaches with an open heart, we definitely feel it. Ready-not ready-on-the-fence-maybe-just-sex-not-willing-to-take-a-risk gives off a completely different vibe. Pay attention.

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