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Go Deeper

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Lessening daylight, increased cloudiness, and the onset of oppressive winter weather are hallmarks of late November in the North. We may become moody and dissatisfied with certain aspects of our lives.

And yet, the dark days of the year are an invitation to go deeper. They challenge us to face unpleasant feelings. Instead of distracting ourselves with excess food, drink, and holiday shopping, why not go deeper, and explore our inner caverns? Pay attention to dreams, thoughts, and feelings rising from the deep wells within. There is no better time of year to access this treasure.

When the solar tide shifts on the winter solstice just a few weeks away, we will emerge clearer, more focused, and ready to begin a new year with renewed vigor.

Photo courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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1 Comment

Nov 27, 2021

Great picture!!

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