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Find Your Peace

Have you ever been tubing? The adventure company drops you off with a inner tube to float down the river for a few hours and picks you up at a bridge, somehow knowing when your party will arrive. There are no worries. Just the warm sky above, the cool water below and the company of friends having a day of fun in the bright summer sunlight. Ah, I have fond memories of tubing in my youth.

How interesting to remember this particular joy on a cold morning in January. And yet, there it is - a simple reminder that there is an opportunity for peace within every moment. This moment leads to the next and that one to the following one, and so on. Peace can carry right into our work, relationships, and all we do until our life is marked by an overarching theme of peace.

If peace is a river, where will it take you?

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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