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Do you make the same "mistake" over and over?

Making a mistake is okay. We are human, and we all make them. This is one of the ways we learn, right? If we do something and it feels wrong, we don't do it again. Check.

But what about mistakes we repeat, even though we feel we should "know" better? Hmm. Well, this can be pretty complex, obviously, but often we search for something we need in the wrong place and keep going back. Perhaps we hope for love but settle for hook-ups, "please" people who don't deserve our attention, smoke cigarettes to "calm" our nerves, take a drink to dull stress, or eat cake to soothe a lonely heart. This list is endless.

Our actions may seem helpful at that moment, but they push us farther and farther away from what we really want. Repeated mistakes become a pattern, patterns become a lifestyle, and lifestyle becomes part of our identity and, therefore, hard to break. Sometimes we forget why we started in the first place and can't imagine life without the behavior, right?

I challenge you to think of one "repeated mistake" behavior, something you know is not healthy for you. Choose the first one that comes to mind. If nothing comes to mind, place your hand over your heart and ask your heart, "What is the most important thing I need to change?"

Got it? Okay. Now dig in and get honest. Ask, "What do I really want?"

Be prepared to sit in silence, listening to your inner self until the truth emerges from deep within. It might take a few days. Keep listening.

Stating what we really want may seem silly or make us feel vulnerable. Do it anyway. Once that truth is out, the "repeated mistake" behaviors are easier to let go of because it is now obvious they do not serve our heart's desire. We may find ourselves suddenly inspired to follow a more productive path to whatever it is that we really want.

The truth sets us free.

With love, always.

Image courtesy of the Canva pro media library.

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